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Gigantic Jenga and 10% beers in South Beach

Remember how jealous you were of kids who owned Crossfire whenever you saw that commercial with the dudes shooting those tiny marbles with such furious precision? Well, that envy will obviously never fade, but you can attempt to drown it in booze and basically every other board game at Brewhouse: a late-night gaming & suds haven that's taken over the former Chow Down

While it's splashed with Lebo-designed murals of Mario and Princess Toadstool, there's not one game in the joint that Fred Savage is guaranteed to be better at than you, since they've eschewed the video variety for skee ball, pool, bocce, and a custom three-foot-tall Jenga setup that'll have you screaming even louder when it collapses on you, plus board varieties like Connect Four, an adult version of Loaded Questions, and Battleship not starring Tim Riggins. Foods providing grease so you can more easily wedge in those Battleship pegs that still have the annoying little nubs on the end: crispy bacon mac, cheesesteak egg rolls, Maryland-style crab cakes, and the Hog Heaven sandwich stacked w/ ground beef, pork belly confit, gouda & pork shoulder

And to enhance your "you sunk my little two-peg boat I didn't even realize was a piece!" shouts, there're bottled brews including PranQster, Claymore Scotch Ale, and St. Bernardus, plus a few serious drafts like 10% He'Brew Lenny's R.I.P.A. and Holy Mackerel, which is what you said when you first saw that Crossfire commercial, because your mom would've withheld your allowance if you said "crap".