Whole suckling pigs & guns on the wall

Hatched from the Southern-BBQ'd brains of Ron Garcia (Burger & Beer Joint) and Raul Rodriguez is Hogzilla’s Inspired Barbeque: a supper-club-meets-sports-bar opening Sunday, and boasting an eclectic hunting-lodge feel that "draws from swamp culture legends" of the Everglades, leading them to describe it as "redneck chic", even though it's not completely full of Kodiak.

Basically the Waterboy's mom's dream house, the joint's jammed with details both historic (the original Terrazzo floors from the former Miami Beach Justice of the Peace building) and hillbilly, like a country-style front porch stage, outhouse-ish bathrooms, turtle-/frog-/catfish-filled fish tanks, and corrugated metal walls covered with guns/knives they’ve spray-painted neon pink and blue, plus skulls from animals who’re just glad they weren't killed by those specific guns.

The menu swings similarly Florida-backcountry, plating everything from gator sausage, Vermont maple syrup-marinated bacon, and Everglades Frog's Legs with mango chili BBQ sauce, to platters like The Hogzilla Rack (a 10hr-smoked rubbed beef rib), a whole suckling pig that requires you call 72hrs in advance, and cinnamon-cured Long Island smoked duck breast, which is just the t*ts.

Because Southerners very much enjoy dignified drinking, the tidily stocked, open-'til-5a bar is flush with 30 bourbons (displayed alongside jars of housemade pickles and moonshine) as well as 12 taps, and cocktails like the Rebel Yell (bourbon sour w/ an egg white and lemon juice), Boss Hog Iced Tea, and punch bowls such as the beer/vodka/pink lemonade "Hop, Skip, and Go Naked" -- which, depending on how you pronounce it, is also a pretty good summation of redneck chic.