Seaside fare for the 305ers

The Local House is an airy, South of Fifth oceanside spot inside The Sense Beach House outfitted to look like, well, a beach house, thanks to rustic communal tables and cushy chairs that you'll just want to curl up and take a nap in, but shouldn't, because of all the stuff below.Big shelves separate the dining room from the hotel's concierge, and're lined with sea glass vases, coral, and miniature schooners. Sailboats? Schooners!You can also opt to eat outside on the rooftop next to boring chicks doing boring sunbathing.The menu's using seasonal ingredients for stuff like buffalo sweet & sour pork wings on top of a monster pile of cauliflower mash.Here's the tuna "caliente" with coconut sweet potato puree.Octopus carpaccio loaded with chorizo.That there's just a giant-ass ball of burrata drizzled in truffle lemon oil.Lamb sliders on soft yeast rolls.And the black (shout-out calamari-ink!) seafood risotto with the head of a langoustine just staring at you, quite creepily, right in the face, to ensure you never sleep anywhere again.