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Published On 12/20/2011 Published On 12/20/2011

Stop dying your hair Bobby Flay’s unique shade of sunburned-tourist red, and become more like your favorite chef the sensible way with For The Gourmet: a Naples-based company that's been providing delicious ingredients to enough kitchen-meisters to take over a mid-sized Central American nation (18K) for years, and just dropped a site where non-pros can pick up the same top-quality, chef-selected, little-work-required eats without ever leaving the couch, unless you still own a desktop computer.

They're covering pretty much the whole edible spectrum, starting with upwards of 200 imported artisanal cheeses (French Pyrenees Istara, Mustard Seed & Ale Red Dragon), buffalo chicken spring rolls, and goat cheese lollipops, plus Maryland-style crab cakes, live New England lobsters, and game birds like Angry, Holiday Edition partridge and Texas Cross Quail.

As Lexus commercials indicate the holidays are coming up, they're also stocking seasonal stuff like black truffle cheese-stuffed olives, a whole roast pheasant, and peeled chestnuts, in addition to a 2ft chocolate Santa and white chocolate/Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup-outfitted cheesecake Tuxedo Pops, or what you should hilariously tell your dad when he asks “so what should I wear to this ‘fantasy football draft’ of yours?”.

For when you inevitably get all this food and have no idea what to do with it, they've got helpful peeps on-hand to walk you through recipe and/or serving suggestions, dubbed "Culinary Advisors", who clearly need to work with Bobby on not being so quick to Throwdown when people insult his blinding fire-hair.



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