Your only truck for frozen green apple wasabi treats

Sure to rocket to the top of your pops list is the pink & blue truck dubbed HipPOPs, an operation hatched by locals who're crafting delicious frozen treats in a "micro-creamery", putting them on a stick, and selling you the result while humbly calling themselves "Pop Stars" (suck it, Miley Cyrus! No, seriously.).First, pick homemade gelato, sorbet, or yogurt in flavors like Mexican chocolate chipotle, green apple wasabi, and mojito, then use your brain before it's freezed and ponder whether to go "w/ dip" (dunked or drizzled with dark, milk, or white chocolate), "w/ dip and popping" (covered in stuff like crushed pretzels, hazelnuts, or pistachios), or "naked", which a confused Miley Cyrus just ordered 1000 of, before Twitpic-ing them.Beyond those very not-basic basics, they've also got dark-, milk-, or caramel-flavored Hot Chocolate on a Stick, plus the house-made whipped cream-smothered Cappuccino Crush, which's what Miley has, because she thinks sex is beautiful and magical and she's been dying for a while to do it with an Italian coffee drink.