It's got burgers with shrimp on them

Plating fare that's thankfully light on the Grease, Frenchie's is a bistro in name and (kinda) food but not in decor, which gives off a way more homey feel with dark wood mini-picnic tables, orange accents running the upper walls, and exposed ductwork

The menu's expansive, but highlights include the "You Sexy Little Thing" (apricot marmalade-slathered baked brie oozing off a French baguette), "Speechless" fried green tomatoes (interestingly enough, most of the other food on the menu also can't talk), and an assortment of jumbo shrimp and scallops that get wrapped in bacon, which was also under the "Relevant Experience" section on all of the Fat Boys' curriculum vitaes.

Then, before deciding which of the 25 stuffed crepes to also order, take down one of the 10oz Angus burgers like the Surf Side (chili shrimp, goat cheese, Key lime mayo), or the Gouda/slow-roasted pork Isla, which is just Bonita

To help you deal with the Madonna you now have in your head, they're stocking a few brews including Newcastle, Red Stripe, St. Pauli Girl, Guinness, and Blue Moon, which should help you when, just like Frenchie, you're standing alone... without a dream in your heart... with a love of your owwwwwwwwn.