Food & Drink

An Orlando Mexi-Asian standby trucks its eats south

After years of feeding Orlando's hordes of Disney-goers and munchified UCF kids also getting their Buzz Lightyear on, deftly acronymed KBBQTB's debuting its 305 truck on Saturday at the Wheelin' Dealin' Street Food Fest, where you can get your first taste of its deliciously schizophrenic Mexican + Korean + BBQ eats.To build your meal, pick a meat including Korean pepper paste-marinated spicy pork, teriyaki chicken, thin slices of beef (Bulgogi), or boneless short rib (Galbi), then throw it in a self-explanatory "Rice Box", "Sub Box", or "Taco Box" (also the name of King Hippo's gym), that'll fill every remaining square millimeter with an assortment of stuff like spicy chicken wings, fried cheese and omelet rolls, teriyaki-smothered fried tofu, and a ginger salad, just when you thought gingers couldn't possibly get more evil. If you hate variety, you should probably just stop reading Hollywood trade publications, but luckily they've also got boxes with heftier portions of strictly Korean fried rice, beef & mozz rolls, or wings with a heavy glaze, who apparently have also been hanging out around UCF.