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Shots, shots, shots... in your tacos!

Tequila and tacos have always gone well together, but now their parents will be so psyched they actually are together thanks to beloved Latin Burger & Taco's brand-new menu that eHarmonizes the two into a sexily shelled mixture of vices. What you need to know about this beautiful union that only huge loser-y losers would object to:1) Yes, there is in fact tequila in your food -- Milagro's 100% blue agave to be exact2) Said Milagro's mixed in with their tomatillo sauces "until it tastes good" (sound logic!!), while shrimp tacos and chicken mole are cooked in about a shot or so of 'quila apiece, and ribeye fajitas get done up with a margarita-infused salsa, also a great way to ensure you can actually dance.3) Milagro was specifically chosen due to its "chocolatey flavor", which goes especially well with the mole, not to be confused with the cylindrical mammal who masochistically likes to get whacked in the head4) Starting next month, they'll be happy to serve you not-in-tacos tequila, when they set up outside bars, clubs, and liquor stores, all places your parents won't be psyched to see Facebook pictures of you consummating your joyful union with tequila