Food & Drink

Georgia's Union

If you've never seen Steel Magnolias, heartily pat yourself on the back for being a man, then basically walk right into its essence at Georgia's Union, the new soul-foodery that redid Morgan's on the Beach to look like a rustic thrift store that just happens to serve amazing country fried steak, thanks to wood communal tables, bright blue cushioned patio chairs, and vintage chandeliers

Said southernness kicks off with "Cold and Hot Fixins" like fried green tomatoes, duck & potato dumplings, "crayfish" (actually spiny lobster) & grits, "Eggs Went Down To Georgia" w/ shredded chicken, and of course, braised chitlins w/ leeks, smoked ham hocks, and corn shoots... corn scores!!

Next up're "Family Traditions" like Uncle Bill drinking all the bourbon then passing out in a wheelbarrow oven-roasted Cornish game hen, honey-dipped fried chicken, pulled pork sandos, and "off the bone" grass-fed oxtail

Imbibing options also keep things appropriately down-homey, including tapped crafts (GA's Laughing Skull & Terrapin Hopsecutioner, Gnarly Barley from Louisiana), plus cocktails like the Old Georgian (Bulleit, orange, peach, Angostura) and pitchers of Chia Lemonade loaded with so much tequila, they may have to wheel you out on a Dolly and lay you down in a Field somewhere.