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Pork school is in session

Just like the critics did to the Tim Allen biker movie, chef Al Sternweiler from 8oz's Chicago sister resto Butcher & The Burger loves butchering some wild hogs, and will do just that as you watch, then eat while drinking lots of beers. Answers to all your pressing questions are below:

So where do they get this hog?A guy named Justin "Don't Call Me Hugh, Because I Can't Dance" Jackman will actually trap one in the Everglades, the week of class

Wait, what if he doesn't catch one? The whole thing's ruined?!Should that happen (although it likely won't, as Justin is mad good at trapping wild hogs), they'll just score a 250-pounder from Mary's Ranch

Ok, whew. So then it's dinnertime?Not yet. First chef Al will go deliciously Dexter on it, using a saw to cut through the belly, shoulder, and head while explaining everything from carving techniques to which parts make the best sausage. Hint: not its own sausage

Yeah, yeah, that's great. When's the eating?You're starting to get a little scary. But while you're listening, they'll pork you up with apps (cracklings, pork sausage sliders, pork shoulder ssam) from the half of the hog Al isn't slashing up in front of you, and then pork burgers from the half he totally did slash up in front of you

You know what I like when Midwestern men butcher pork in front of me? Zima with a watermelon Jolly Rancher in it. And failing that, beer.Well perfect, because everything's paired with Stone suds including Smoked Porter, Arrogant Bastard, and Glazed Levitation

Um, are there going to be more of these?You betcha! Every first Monday of the month they'll highlight a new local focus like fish, game, fowl, and reptiles

Do we get to keep the knives?Wow bro.