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This bakery shoves cupcakes in ice cream cones

Serving an array of confections whose recipes were passed down by the owner's grandmothers (named... Lee & Marie! Get right out of town!!), plus fancy coffees and more, L&M's quaint South of Fifth shop also provides employment for those who often have trouble finding jobs (the autistic) -- so basically, this woman is a much better person than you

The Look: If it feels like you're in someone's homey kitchen, good -- that was exactly the point, as the owner outfitted the entire joint with knickknacks from her upstate New York home, including antique pictures of the namesake grandmas and riding helmets, along with a rustic wood communal table, vintage bread tins, and a 1930s Hoosier, which is actually a kitchen cabinet, not a white dude with a mean two-handed set shot

The Eats: After sourcing ingredients from no more than 40mi away, pastry pro Yannis Janssens (The guy profiled in Dessert Professional magazine, you ask? Yes, him!) will create every crumb at their Wynwood production kitchen, including chocolate/caramel popcorn Rice Krispy treats, Dutch-style salty caramel pie, and deliciously outrageous "cupcones", or cupcakes in an ice cream cone. All that's in addition to savories like buttermilk biscuits 'n sausage gravy, maple bacon corn muffins, and a roasted pork belly BLT, so basically, you're a terribly fat person if you eat all this.