Food & Drink

It's just like Zeke's... but with food!

If you're mourning the death of Zeke's and its far-too-rare Lincoln Rd cheapness, the only way to cope is to pour out some much-more-expensive beer for your homie, then hit Basically-Zeke's, aka Rio Station, which didn't let the dead rest even a week before storming in, repainting some walls, and most importantly, carrying over the always-$4 beers.Because many of the world's cooler cultures grieve by eating tons of food, they added a nicely filled-out/greased-up menu including all-day breakfast with egg/ham/cheese croissants, plus a slew of starters from the Church of Latter-Day Meals like chicken/ beef empanadas, arepas, and butterfly shrimp, also what the grizzled swim coach said when Webster asked what stroke he needed to work on in that one episode.More food!: a lineup of paninis like the Italian (crispy chicken, cheese, oregano) and an unconventional Cuban (ham, turkey, Swiss, hates cigars, loves cars produced more recently than 1942), plus lamb gyros and the Shrimp Mania, which slathers the crustaceans in a zesty sauce. Drinkwise, they've got 20 different smoothies you shouldn't even pretend to care about since they've retained ~200 of the aforementioned $4 crafts including Buckley's Dark, Duvel, Session, Moosehead, 6X English Pale Ale, and Tigerbeer, any of which you should have no problem pouring out for any homies... they're only $4!