Real-deal Indian cuisine in South Miami

Despite the overload of worldly cuisine in Miami, it can still be tough to find Indian food that isn't totally Hydera-bad (sorry, that pun was outsourced). Enter Ayesha's Fine Dining, a white-tableclother that Delhis up South Miami with vibrant orange/green mural walls, regally striped linen banquettes, and sheer orange curtains.The traditional fare leads off with yogurt-drenched lamb chops and samosas stuffed with meat & potatoes or spinach & cottage cheese, before getting into extremely confusing sections like "Chicken", "Lamb", and "Seafood", all of which get done up with an array of sauces including spicy coconut-milk-tomato, a nutty cream number, and a ginger-based curry, aka, Eddy's cousin Seamus who is also terrible at basketball.For those who like their bread like their earth circa 1400 -- flat -- naan can be packed with everything from spicy cilantro potatoes, to spiced onions, to cheese and raisins, which you can wash down with wine held in display cases holding 50+ bottles, so even just picking one out will require a call to technical support.