The Yellow Submarine Truck comes into port

Not too long ago, the owners of Rock That Burger all lived in a Yellow Submarine... Truck that served their signature burgers and dogs, but now they also sometimes live in a counter-service, vintage-poster-covered brick 'n mortar that looks like the garage a '60s high school band practiced in, if they had all their instruments hung up on the walls for some reason

You'll need someone to kickstart your heart after plowing through the musically themed menu, which fires off with burgers like the fries-stuffed Boys of Summer, the Breakfast in America (bacon, fried egg, American), the BBQ and chili-smothered Hungry Like the Wolf, and the Yellow Submarine, whose mozz, tomato sauce, pineapple sauce, house mustard, crushed chips, and onions will make no one want to live with you, anywhere. Dogs include the Paradise City (basically the tubesteak version of the Yellow Sub), the cheddar/ chili/ BBQ sauce Stairway to Heaven, and the mozz/ mushrooms/ marinara Wonderwall, because those guys were mad Italian. Right

Drinks're being kept simple with sodas and a few choice domestic suds, which you'll definitely need after downing a basket of chicken wings coined the Johnny B. Goode, which honestly has a lot more to do with McFlying than traveling by underwater submersible.