Food & Drink

Stop and smell the pork bellies

No longer just the last name of an actor who delivers lines like an animatronic robot at Disney World in... Orlando, Bloom was hatched by two Guatemalan expats who've brought their food industry & photography backgrounds to bear on a gallery-like, bi-continental eatery complete with a 25ft mural of Sacatepéquez's Agua Volcano, bright photos of Michael Stipe's favorite flowers, and a wood-beamed terrace.

They've pulled in Nobu's Ricky Sauri to create an upscale blend of local street foods from Latin America and Asia, kicking off with apps like Kobe skirt steak, pork belly Kakuni, tuna yukke seaweed "tacos", and the circa-1983 Sammy Hagar favorite, red mullet escabeche.

Mains keep the theme alive via pork belly ramen, Korean BBQ short rib arepas, and tamales stuffed with braised oxtail and Creole hog tripe, which regardless of what that seemingly well-credentialed infomercial doctor told you, is pretty much the only way to eat away a tummy

For booze, it's crafty cocktails like the Eastern Garden (gin, fennel syrup, arugula, homemade Spanish bitters, rosemary) and the vodka/lychee/Fresno chill pepper Ring of Fire, which'll make fearless giants out of even the most annoying little elves.