Just tacos served from a station wagon next to a lucha libre ring

And now, a poem: There once was a man who returned from Spain/ to ensure Miami drinkers didn't abstain/ he opened a bar that looked like grandma's attic/ where all the locals have long since wreaked havoc/ now he's gone and upped things once more/ creating a wrestling ring that serves tacos galore.Yep, true story. It's called Pancho Taco, it's out back at Wood Tavern, and here's everything else you need to know, now in prose:The Arena: Although they won't actually let you moonsault elbow drop on anyone in it, the wrestling ring (located on the other side of the beer garden and dotted with picnic tables) pays homage to lucha libre via paintings of colorful masks, and portends that you're about to do something bad to Bret your Hart.The Food: "No frills", yes-delicious Mexican street-style eats come in the form of $2 cheese quesadillas or $2 tacos that stay similarly authentic by stuffing homemade tortillas w/ marinated chicken and steak plus cilantro, onions & hot sauce. Oh, and each just happens to be cooked inside a 1964 Mercury Commuter station wagon, presumably on the grille.They'll be soft-open this Friday, and next Thursday will bring a major kick-off party with free tacos. After that, they'll initially just be serving during Wood's bar hours, but will soon be open seven days a week for all your taco-wrestling needs. A development that's great, all the taco-eaters agreed.