A host of awesome food

You know all those gross things Andrew Zimmern eats on Bizarre Foods? Well, great news: his new food truck is here, and it sells none of them

Debuting this week from the two-time James Beard Award-winning televisionary, the AZ Canteen is a bright yellow beacon of goatliness, serving said meat in furtherance of Zimmern's desire to "expand the protein choices of Americans" after exploring food trucks and street stalls the world over. The mouth-watering "cabrito" is shipped in from storied NYC butcher Pat LaFrieda and served as either a full-on "butter burger" with roasted tomatoes, charred onions & pickles, or as a sausage grinder, so no, he's not monkeying around with this stuff. Canteen'll also sling pork belly with green papaya salad, andouille/ oyster/ crab gumbo, and a must-try griddled veal tongue on a Parker roll with lemon, capers, arugula, and "tonnato sauce", which purees tuna and anchovies in with lemon juice, olive oil, and egg yolks -- refuse to get it at least once, and you'll also be yellow

Wash it down with Jamaica hibiscus punch, handmade sodas, and desserts ranging from ice cream sammies (from St. Paul scoopery Izzy's) to Nicaraguan dulce de leche shaved ice & pound cake -- go nuts, and soon enough people'll be describing you as a gross thing

Photos Courtesy of Stephanie Meyer