Food & Drink

Browse, click, eat. Move even less.

BiteSquad is going to change everything. Wait, no, that's an overstatement. Charge everything -- that's what it lets you do. But still, that's pretty sweet.Essentially, the just-launching service is going to create in MSP the same lethargic eating habits enjoyed by some of the country's bigger cities, delivering you food from non-delivery restaurants all over town via a fleet of green and white, environmentally friendly vehicles. And it's super easy -- just:1. Locate: Pop in your address and it'll return a list of restos in range. They just launched, but there're already a ton on there.2. Browse: If you don't immediately know that you want Hoisin Pork Buns and Thai Beef Jerky from Moto-i, you're a fool no worries -- each spot has its own BiteSquad page complete with fully photoed menus, customer ratings, and links to available coupons/ discounts.3. Order: This is the part where they charge your account to pay for food.4. Track: Wait, you have to actually run against people with batons and stuff? This was supposed to be eas-- ohhhh, it's like track in that you can see where your food is on its journey, whether it be Order Placed, Sending Order To Restaurant, Cooking Your Goodies, Quality Check, or finally, It's-A-Comin', so definitely don't wait for that status to ask them to change everything.