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Slow roasting, fast moving

Being super slow isn't usually something to brag about, unless you're Usher, or like, an usher at a wedding, and there're old people leaning on your arm. Apparently it's also a great thing when you're making roast beef, at least according to Bloomy's.

Officially launching Saturday, gray & white Bloomy's is MSP's first fully kitchened mobile eatery, slinging mucho beef that's locally sourced, contains no additives (save their signature blend of spices), and is ultra-slow-cooked daily in the back of the truck, so hopefully the whole production doesn't hit any speed bumps. Their supreme meatiness comes in the form of roast beef sammies like the French Dip, the Longhorn (smoked cheddar, BBQ sauce), and the smoked bacon/ cheddar Smokey Beef, also what that Bandit just couldn't let slide. They also plate a full-on "Bloomy's Platter" which actually doesn't include a tasteful selection of Burberry scarves, but rather consists of an open-faced sammie with mashed potatoes and gravy; and you can amp up anything with hearty sides like coleslaw, chili, creamy mac, fries, and tots.

If you simply detest ingesting roast beef amongst strangers, no worries: they're also more than willing to drive to your office parking lot or backyard get-together -- just prepare for your friends and co-workers to eat so much that everyone needs help sitting down.