Food & Drink

One beefy evening

Because your attempt at Burger Year led to Sweatpants Decade, try the vastly more manageable Burger Night instead. The second coming of a pop-up aiming to "bring better hamburgers to Minneapolis", the shop's hitting Old Arizona this Friday, adding donuts, even more beer, and bands like Tiger VS, Buffalo Moon, and Sleeping in the Aviary, which is actually how you'll likely be found after gorging on

Burgers: Described as "classic diner style with modern sensibilities", they're made of them little, thin patties that you can stack as doubles (or get singles if you suck). The beef is ground Angus chuck that's antibiotic and hormone free, so try not to ruin everything by getting emotional

Donuts: If the yeast-raising wunderkinds at The Donut Cooperative can sling flavors like Chili Dog, Eggnog, and Goat Cheese Lavender Citrus Mousse, just imagine what you can do at their build-your-own donut bar, stocked with all kinds of frostings and toppings

Beer: To wash it all down, they'll have cheaply priced PBR tallboys, and regular boys from Surly, so if you were stressing about what to do Friday, just don't sweat it.