Whip it Up

Like other, similarly named spots, D-Spot is as tantalizing as it is mysterious. Where does the wing shack get its intense flavors? How can you steal them for your own? The answers, friend, lie in this video right here, in which D-Spot's mastermind Darin Koch shows you how to magic-up his Hot Halibut Cheek Tacos (w/ Fresno Aioli). Just one click and you'll learn

1. What Darin Koch looks like (hint: Jon Hammier)2. How to create a beautiful fish marinade3. How to pronounce and make "aioli"4. The joys of chowing down the final product: aioli-slathered tortillas stuffed with halibut cheek and cilantro sprig

So watch that vid, the link's right there... unlike that other spot, which is all but impossible to find.