Louisiana is loose on our streets

Some fun facts about the guy behind the Cajun 2 Geaux food truck:

  • He's a Louisiana-born chef who's also on active duty in the National Guard, where he's received two commendations for his food
  • Soldiers in his unit call him "Sergeant G-Love"
  • His truck's actually a lime green camper that he refurbished in his backyard
  • His neighbors call him "Sergeant Please Stop Hammering by 11 Or I'll Call the Cops"
  • He's quite fond of his hush puppies, but'll also serve you sweet potato waffle fries w/ remoulade, gumbo, and corn bread
  • If you're really hungry, he'll ladle you protein-packed jambalaya, pass you a fried shrimp basket with fries, or hand you a roast beef po' boy smothered in gravy, which's really no way to treat children who are so clearly in need to begin with
  • He wants badly for you to eat a dessert of New Orleans-style beignets, which're sort of like if an eclair made love to a donut hole, and then their baby got deep-fried and rolled around in powdered sugar
  • He really wants you to track the truck's location down by following him @Cajun2GeauxTim on Twitter... which's less of a "fun fact" and more of an order, but whatever, fall in line, private