You scream for wild flavors! Seriously, do it.

A pair of 'Sconi-turned-TCs cream fiends who've been perfecting their iced treat for nearly five years, the Froz Broz are just now allowing you to special-order the good stuff, which was previously only attainable via social media giveaway, like when you got fired for telling work you had mono while posting FB pics of your sassy Puerto Vallarta trip. The site's stocked with dozens of flavor options from the crazy-inventive to the just crazy-good, with some of the most out-there (but not necessarily the best!) including:

Apple Crisp with Sharp Cheddar: Inspired by a zany uncle who used to melt cheese over his warm apple pie (presumably before retreating to his basement bedroom to work on his stupid woodchuck character), chunks of real cheese meet a crisp made from Wolf River heirloom apples sold to them by a dude actually named Slim LeDuc.

Jalapeno Honey Cotija: Combine sweet jalapenos purchased at an Eau Claire farmer's market with salty cheese, swirl in some honey, and you've got quite possibly the world's first case of ice cream heartburn.

Bacon and Egg: Ice cream purists, turn away from the computer and return to your stagnant, vanilla lives, because you can't handle the sheer audacity of a pint combining grass-fed, nitrate-free bacon and organic eggs, also what you laid when posting those foam-tastic pics of yourself at Señor Frog's.