Food & Drink

Look at the size of that mobile menu

Marking possibly the first time ever that a cross-country road trip has produced food that isn't Slim Jims, the Home Street Home Truck is now ready to serve its large, daily changing menu to the streets after its St. Paul owners trucked it across the nation and gave it a complete overhaul, so, yeah, now it's aqua.

To ensure you become as huge as the menu, there are grass-fed Ridgeroll Farm burgers stuffed with bleu cheese, reubens with "bacon red kraut", steak hoagies slathered in homemade giardiniera and scratch cheese sauce, and an open-face turkey sandwich that'll be "just like Thanksgiving every Monday", so expect your office mates to get weirded out by your uncle's insensitive jokes after too much hard cider.

Things get funky with pickled cactus salad, fried tilapia tacos, pulled pork tacos slow-roasted in Summit EPA, and cheese or shredded pork enchiladas with a two-day sauce; they've got from-scratch soups like clam chowder, and the little-bit-of-everything "Minnesota wedding", also an E! special where millions of people tune in to watch Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries eat soup.

Lest they be one of those dumb food trucks that doesn't roast fowl, they've even installed a convection oven big enough to roast "local turkeys", which you can no longer be called after your great road trip adventure.