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Feeding you curbside is their middle name

Jelly Bean & Julia's is a food truck titled after the middle names of the owners' two kids. And while the kid whose middle name is "Jelly Bean" thanks her parents for at least not making that her first name, you can thank them for serving greasy-spoon Americana curbside in their shiny black box of a truck.The Anoka operation (for now! Urban core, they're on their way!) first lets you choose a base, with tastiness like pulled pork sammies, bacon grilled cheeses, cheeseburger sliders, bacon-wrapped hot dogs, and hand-cut fries, who must've been playing that game where you jab the knife really quick between your fingers spread out on the table.J&J's menu really takes off with what you pile on top of those orders, though, with a revolving arsenal of pickles and toppings like Jalapeno Pickled Cabbage and Strawberry Habanero Cream Cheese, and more than 10 spice-blended sauces like the "Garlichedapeno" (white cheddar, garlic, jalapeno), super spicy "Hot Darn!!", and Jamaican-inspired "Jerk Face", also an appropriate response from their daughter when anyone on the schoolyard speaks ill of her middle name.