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So many options... just go in there and wing it

Hands-down the best chicken wings in town, :D-Spot's what you get when a classically trained chef gets sick of the fancy food game and goes all in on creating the most original chix wing menu on the planet with hits like these

MPG: These puppies are doused in an ultra-heavy sauce made with (and this is gonna sound crazy, but...) braised short rib & veal stock reduction held together with mashed potatoes that've been "fondued"

The Great White Buffalo: This guy bolsters the normal sauciness with cream and both fried and roasted garlic, so don't expect to make out with all the girls you normally would after eating buffalo wings

Shinmoedake: "Sick and wrong spicy", this mother uses a house-blend soy simple syrup, oyster sauce, hoisin, Thai chili, and ghost chili, so it'll pass right through you

The Brown Recluse: Named after Charles Schulz's dark novel about a curmudgeonly widower who still always wears the same shirt a spider, this BBQ flavor mixes secret chilies with dehydrated pork

Tony Stark: With honey butter and cayenne peppers, this chicken wing will boast about how much richer it is than you, and you'll love him for it

New York Cheesecake: Drenched in sweet cream cheese, mascarpone, cremon glaze and crushed graham cracker, these things are way tastier than anything that's ever come off a Weber.