Food & Drink

Like 10x better than that beer

Fancying itself a "live music restaurant" and outfitted with fir reclaimed from a Wyoming snow fence, the airy, open Icehouse is carved into a massive Eat Street warehouse that formerly housed actual ice, proving 1) warehouse spaces can somehow feel warm & inviting, and 2) all ice actually isn't produced by that little lever on your fridge.


"Soulful" Scratch-Made Eats: The open kitchen overlooks everything, and slings small plates like lobster fettuccine, po' boys, the taleggio/ spinach "Porcini Burger", and "bar snacks" like broiled oysters and something called "Bill's Electric Beans", so if you thought beans were the musical fruit before, just wait until you hear them all amped up

Craft Cocktails: Legendary barman Johnny Michaels is steering a ship that boasts 10 taps (Victory Prima Pils, Ommegang Hennepin, etc) rising out of draft towers that're literally covered in ice, plus $5 sipping shots like "Grampa's Choice" (rye and sarsaparilla bitters), an American whiskey list called "The Robert Mitchum Collection", and even a $1 squirt of whiskey from a mustard bottle called the "Colonel Mustard", deadly if drank repeatedly in the conservatory near an unattended candlestick

"A Cast of Fine Musicians": The wood-hewn stage will see tuneage seven nights a week, including jazz on Mondays, DJs Tuesdays, smaller, dinner-friendly jams Fri-Sat, and, every Thursday, a table-clearing big show, meaning just like ice from the fridge, your fun'll be cubed! (... unless you hate big shows, in which case, also just like ice from the fridge, your fun will be crushed).