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Beer and boar with a homey feel

You know that phrase a "healthy fear" of something? Well, apparently, its origins lie in the fact that 84% of American citizens actually fear anything healthy. But that's all about to change, thanks to Uptown's newest: Birdhouse

The latest from the duo behind Heidi's, Birdhouse resides in a one-time duplex that also housed the resto... Duplex; the space's been reconfigured (the bar's now on the second floor, the kitchen's now open), but far more daring is their commitment to pairing beer, wine, and cocktails with healthy eats that "focus on taste and nutrition". Dinner won't drop until next Thursday, but for now you can forage around for daytime options like a "subterranean" veggie hash that's got "roots, tubers, and bulbs" (plus bacon, egg, and cheese, if you must), a farro salad topped with a roast leg of lamb, and even charcuterie-style cheese and crackers with sopressata made from wild boar, aka the the exact opposite of this wildly exciting charcuterie plate. With dinner service, they'll also be rolling out a full bar with a rotating selection of reds and whites on tap, and eight crafts; until then, there're Dogwood coffees, housemade sodas, and even "juice spritzers" like the OJ-infused "Crazy Carrot", filled with vitamins that accelerate your ability to make zany props, and then make you all jacked, but in a weird way that doesn't look hot

They've also got a 45-seat brick patio and a deck overlooking Hennepin Ave, so expect at least 84% of the people walking in Uptown to look up and see how healthy you're being.