LA comes to town, serves it pork belly

The Twin Cities are always losing talent to LA, from Torii Hunter, to Jimmy Jam, to like, our seven other sort-of-famous people. For a resto mercifully reversing the cross-country talent flow: The Left-Handed Cook

The newest addition to the Midtown Global Market, Left's "New York subway meets LA lounge" front comes courtesy of a couple who recently left the bright, annoying lights of the left coast to provide the Minneapple with a blend of comfort food, Asian flavors, and a "dash of rock and roll" they're calling "new American country cooking", also a popular Ellis Island recipe book. For starters, they're slinging savory ish like fingerling potatoes confit, truffle parmesan fries, jerk wings, roasted sweet corn with sambal butter & spicy pasilla powder, and fried Brussels sprouts with bacon and mint, or what's left on your pillow at the World's Awesomest Hotel. Come main time, they've got "bowls" like braised short rib and seared pork belly (served with sides like a poached egg and kimchi), crispy soft shell crab or hoisin BBQ pork sammies, a 21-Spice Fried Chicken, and a pan-seared steak slathered in rosemary and less Anglo-Saxon seasonings like "gochujang", "denjang" & a citrus zest sauce called "saam", so you should definitely try saam

Although it'd mark the first appearance of booze in the open part of the Market, the Cook's dreaming of one day turning their alloted seating area into a full-fledged biergarten, meaning that even Minnesotans who don't move to Hollywood will be able to hang out with a bunch of Steins.