Food & Drink

Eli's moves east, stays classy

Bravely crossing the mighty Mississippi, Eli's East is bringing the same cocktailing mastery you know and love to Northeast (which you know and regard with patronizing acceptance) in a larger, red-hued, natty-leathered space that's barely recognizable from when it housed O'Brien's Decoy -- really a lot of real estate for one wooden duck. Get up there and:

Eat: Score Eli's classics like their Sriracha steak sammie topped with blue cheese, plus plenty of sparkling newness like tempura walleye with charred jalapeno tartar sauce, pork belly sliders, and a beef tenderloin & crab cake dish dubbed Steak & Cake, or what Louie Anderson calls "a less than adequate amuse-bouche... but I'll take it".

Drink: Iron Bartender runner-up and Spunky Bartender Name Grand Prix winner Richie Rivera is taking his talents from the original to sling "the perfect martini" and a grand selection of whiskeys. There's also a slew of mainly local craft taps like Fulton, Rush River, and even newcomer Boom Island's pale ale Silvius.

And for everyone willing to shoehorn their drinking into convenient, set hours, East'll be continuing the proud Eli's tradition of a serious happy hour from 3-6p, meaning by 6p, your larger and red-hued face will also be regarded with patronizing acceptance.