Grab a tasty cupcake on your way outta Hell

While theologians long ago discovered that angels drink Red Bull and only Red Bull, what they eat has remained unclear... until now. Turns out the answer is "almost comically decadent sweets", at least according to Angel Food.

A street-level storefront sitting atop its subterranean brother Hell's Kitchen, Angel soft opens today and is one part whimsical cafe, one part open pastry stadium where munchers can watch "bakers work their magic" -- so really, they should've called this whole place Criss Angel Food. On the sugary side, they'll be slinging scratch donuts (like Maplewood Bacon Caramel and Chocolate Death), cookies in bags with greetings like "F U" and "Bite Me", eclairs, cream puffs, 1/4lb caramel rolls, and cupcakes from Curry Lime Coconut, to Pineapple Amaretto, to one topped with a jello shot called the Red Headed Tease, which any actual redhead is already familiar with from the cruel gauntlet that is the playground. For your non-sweet teeth (savory molars?), there are half-loaves of caraway rye and sourdough, plus baguettes, ham & cheese and other assorted croissants, pretzels with scratch cheese and mustard dips, and even something called "sausage bread", though you don't want to see how it gets made (... it's kind of boring).

They've also got gluten-free options, and are pouring piping hot Peace Coffee, if you're OK getting caffeine from a drink that theologians long ago discovered doesn't mix awesomely with vodka.