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An old favorite gets a new life, menu

When Figlio closed in '09, women wept and men threw themselves from windows. Well, technically that was after they ate at its replacement, Il Gatto (and those were first-floor windows)... but still, you should be very happy that the nouveau Italian joint is back.The bros behind the CRAVE empire bought the rights to the name and revived it in the West End's former Soprano's spot, making the second coming vastly more open, while paying homage to the original with dark woods, white tablecloths, and a circular bar meant to mimic the original. The menu recreates signature dishes like pork/ beef/ cheese tortellini and Pollo Mattone (brick-pressed garlic & chicken on spaghetti w/ sage butter & lemon), plus there are new, Northern Italian-inspired options like Roasted Butternut Squash Cappelletti, and wood-fired pizzas like Duck Confit or Cured Salmon, which actually sounds pretty sick. While they're still pouring mad vino, fancy-'tails like the Salty Caramel Lemon Drop (w/ vodka and prosecco), and a "zesty" blood orange punch called "Love In The Afternoon", they'll now sling artisanal suds like Excelsior Pale Ale, Indeed Midnight Ryder, and Surly Cynic, which oughta reform most of its namesake drinkers.Best yet, Figlio's famous $3 happy hour is back too, including their all-day Sabbath iteration "Sunday Funday", meaning that when it comes to the weekend, this'll be the perfect way to end it all.