Food & Drink

An English pub gets a little Asian in it

Proving that those greedy, greedy firemen aren't the only ones who can capitalize on a building burning down (getting hosed, indeed!): George & the Dragon, an old-school, dark-wood-heavy neighborhood public house now opening in the formerly smoldering Blackbird space.

The menu blends, impossibly, English pub fare with American bar food and Asian cuisine, so bangers & mash, Scottish salmon, and hot sammies (beef rib, goat cheese, caprese) called "toasties" sit next to double bacon burgers, banh mis, and a five-spiced compote pork/jasmine rice/garlic green beans/fried egg doozy called the Asian Hangover, which also results from Mai Tai'ing one too many on. The bar pours glasses of vino ranging from $6-11, plus there are seven normal taps like Dark Horse Crooked Tree & Harriet Saison Nourrice, and three nitrogen-fueled beers including Boulder Mojo, also what Sisyphus tells all those ladies in the afterlife he has. Rawr!!

True to their neighborhoody nature, they'll also be dropping weekly themes & specials like Monday's Vinyl Night, where they'll encourage guests to bring in their own 33s to spin, though don't even think about bringing Prodigy's "Firestarter", as that made even more cash off flames than those fat-cat firemen.