Food & Drink

The Ike's you love, minus grimy city sidewalks

Like every friend who got married and moved out of the city for better school districts, larger lot sizes, and proximity to the lake, Ike's has set up shop in Minnetonka. Unlike with every friend who's moved, though, you'll actually want to visit Ike's, who're bolstering their white-jacketed waiters and neo-Bogart aesthetic with a fireplace'd patio and expanded menu, including

Americana Comestibles: The Roadhouse Steak Dinner, Ike's Original Burger, and Lobster Corn Dogs are among the carryover nosh, but the Tonka locale's also employing a wood-burning oven to dish out a host of flatbreads, a capicola/ ham/ Genoa salami/ pepperoni/ provolone hoagie, and a filet wrapped in bacon (apparently the shortage was a myth, so don't worry about the fattage)

New Grog: The cocktail-heavy bar's serving the Fall-ready Pig On A Porch (with bourbon, ginger ale, brown sugar syrup, and a slab of candied bacon), plus all-week bloodies (unlike at the city locale) like the Southwestern-styled Cowboy Mary accompanied by a sidecar of lump crab meat, and the Weekender garnished with a meal's worth of fixins. There's also a cache of cold ones like Lucid Air, and Cygnus X-1 from Flat Earth, which your social life will fall off from as soon as you move to the suburbs.