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Brain tacos in a convenience store

Walk into the Sosa Foods containing a Taqueria El Primo stand charging only $2 for authentic, fist-sized tacos, and you'll be like "these are nuts!". Then look beyond the Planters rack, and you'll see the aforementioned taco stand, and be like "oh wow, those tacos look really awesome, too!"

Leasing choice real estate between the chip aisle and the refrigerator case inside what's now Minnehaha's hottest convenience store, Primo's the pseudo brick and mortar offshoot of Lake Street's El Primo Taco truck. They're wrapping pretty much every part of Mr. Cow in double-corn tortillas (w/ lettuce and grilled onions), including head, cheek, brain, tongue, steak, and "assorted", in the event you want an organ variety pack. And should the thought of eating brain and cheek give you pause, then order chicken (you are what you eat!), chorizo, carnitas, or pastor

If you'd like something a little more molten, unlike their trucking brethren, they've also got quesadillas: $2 when stuffed with cheese/ peppers/ onions, and $4.50 when stuffed with any of the above meats, meaning unlike the store, you won't need racks on racks.