Go to a legendary steakhouse. Eat rattlesnake.

For nearly 80 years, Northeast's beacon of classic dining Jax Cafe's been "serving steaks, not trends". Now, for nearly 80 dollars, they're serving you a game preserve's worth of dangerously exotic meat at their Hunters Dinner

The feast can only be described as Andrew Zimmern-ian, with death-defying starters like rattlesnake cakes, buffalo meatballs, alligator satay, and even "Devils On Horseback", which... are actually just prunes wrapped in bacon... but how 'bout them rattlesnake cakes?! The main event begins with venison sausage, then escalates to quail with dried cherries and pistachios, followed by Ritz cracker-crusted Walleye served with a side of Easy Cheese Tilamook mac and cheese, and then finally there's Summit-braised mushrooms atop brioche toast and sweet potato puree sidled up to grilled elk tornadoes

And lest rattlesnake be the only poison you ingest, each course'll be accompanied by a perfectly paired Summit, including their Pils, Old #132, Saga, and Oatmeal Stout. Plus, Kieran Folliard of 2 Gingers Whiskey'll be slinging classic cocktails and an Alexander for dessert, so Jax can prepare to start serving "really happy, really fat people".