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Epic Mexican joint shapes up, moves west

Getting from Mpls to St. Paul can be a real pain in the ass, especially if it's rush hour and you've got hemorrhoids. Thankfully, St. Paul resto El Burrito Mercado has generously made the commute for you

Opening Thursday in the Midtown Global Market, Mpls's El Burrito is set up similarly to the 30yr StP stalwart: half south-of-the-border craft cafeteria, half pinata-laden grocery/ gift shop, so take a crack at finding something good. Favorites include sopes and mole platters, a five-meat molcajete bowl, traditional tacos & burritos running the meat gamut from birria (stewed goat) to barbacoa, and cochinita pibil: citrus-marinated pork slow roasted in a banana leaf, which does have a certain a-peel. They're also breaking out a couple new dishes like their take on pupusas, which fill corn tortillas with beans, cheese, and ground pork rinds, and awesomely, a conical taco originally invented for Target Field, only sold on Sundays, and named the "Walk-A-Taco", also what Louie Anderson has been raving about to silly dog owners for years

And just in case you don't have the over-the-top wealth required to eat cone-shaped tacos everyday, there's also going to be a daily value menu of items for a buck, aka what you pray your car doesn't do before that cream takes effect.