Buy canned goods while drinking whiskey

Most delis aren't the most exciting places to eat, except perhaps for New Delhi -- those crazy bastards don't even use forks!! For another new deli giving the category an adventurous spin: Rye Delicatessen & Bar.

Housed in the vastly brighter and streamlined former Auriga, Rye aims to combine facets of global deli traditions (from Montreal pastrami to Middle Eastern vegetarian options) with craft beer, whiskey, and even a small grocery, creating one part bar/resto, and one part "Minneapolis-style deli", not to be confused with A Minneapolis style-deli, where fashionable chaps go for all the coldest cuts from local shirt makers. Their from-scratch menu's got fresh bagels, bialys, and scrambled eggs with lox in the morn, and for lunch and beyond: hand-carved corned beef and braised brisket sammies (with sides like Tabouleh and sweet-and-sour cabbage borscht), plus matzo-fried walleye, and the corned beef/ chopped liver/ red onion/ spicy mustard "Reason for Rye", soundly replacing "my wife left me". Speaking of booze, they've got vino galore, a full bar, a well-appointed stock of canned and bottled beer like Lips of Faith Abbey Grand Cru, and eight craft taps highlighted by Flat Earth Cygnus X-1, Steel Toe Provider, and He'brew Genesis Ale, though all but the most refined palettes won't be able to differentiate between it and Phil Collins' solo beers.

They're also packing orders for take-out, and come Spring, take-kinda-out on their patio sitting alley-side, or what they call in New Delhi "the most exciting places to eat!".