Food & Drink

Eat like a champion today

Ten eggs. Six slices of bacon. Six sausages. Six slices of toast. Ham. Hash browns. Eat all these in under 30mins at Birdtown Cafe's Fill-It Skillet challenge, and you'll be lionized and glorified for the rest of your life, which, coincidentally, will also last under 30mins. Be the first civilian to finish the brand-new greasy spoon's feast -- which they lug out in a two-handed skillet the size of a 45lb gym plate -- and you'll also get the $20 meal comped, your photo on the Wall of Fame, and a t-shirt that says "They filled it, I killed it" (a great mantra for trophy hunters getting taxidermy done, too!).Scared? You should be. But to give you a fighting chance, we enlisted decorated competitive eater and Delano-native Eric "Silo" Dahl (whose resume includes an 8lb burger/ 1lb of fries, 28 slices of pizza in 12mins, and likely zero real jobs) to give you some tips:Prep: "Have a large meal 12-16hrs prior. Drink water on top of that until you feel like your stomach will burst. Then drink a little more. Eat nothing after that. You want to go into the challenge with nothing at all in your stomach."Gametime: "Start with the meats; starches expand in your stomach. Stay focused. No distractions -- headphones blasting your favorite jams may help. And have some drink other than water to help combat flavor fatigue." After: "You are most likely going to experience one of CE’s greatest pains, ungodly thirst, but if your stomach is filled to the brim, drinking anything is painful. Use ice cubes to get rid of dry mouth. When I am extremely full I take a nap, sleeping on my left side. That way the stomach rests on the surface you are sleeping on and not crushing your other organs. You may wake up still full, but the pain should have subsided."The glory, though, never will.