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Street falafel becomes non-street falafel

Foxy Falafel has been expanding your waistline for years, so the fact that it's now expanding itself is totally fitting -- unlike your pants. The food truck's becoming a real boy and moving into the former Caribe space, outfitting it with its trademark green/ yellow outside & some stainless in, and bolstering its mainly organic offerings (plus adding alcohol!) while staying true to the falafel focus originally gleaned from working for an Israeli chef who excitedly yelled Netan-yahoo! whenever she made a particularly superlative falafel.Get the same Foxy, Beet, or Curry as pitas, salads, or platters, or hit up locally sourced turkey shawarma, chicken gyro meatballs, lamb merguez sausage, and eventually, an everything-that-can-be-pickled-will-be pickle bar (onions, garlic scapes, kohlrabi) that'll make you at once happy and totally vla-sick. Once their beer/ wine license clears, you'll wash it all down with a slick cache of vino and a stash of local craft bottles, but for now, make do with a weekly changing array of housemade sodas including an ever-present craft ginger ale made using raw ginger root, which, unlike the rusted variety, won't send you on your way.Foxy's also working on a deli-case hawking pitas, pickled veggies, and hummus to-go just in case you've got to run... though looking at that waistline, that's probably not very likely, is it?