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The deep dish on Chicago's latest export

The Mpls iteration of a Chicago-born "modern day alehouse", Primebar's ripped the former Figlio/ Il Gatto space apart, inserting a massive four-sided bar in the middle, and decking out the rest with recycled wood, Edison-bulbed salvage lighting, and cushy leather booths, all in hopes of becoming "your new go-to destination for cool food", though with all new gear in the kitchen too, shouldn't that be hot

Speaking of which, the food (which is of course hot -- that was just some Thursday morning silliness) gets creative with duck confit or steak & eggs flatbread, tempura beer-battered fish tacos, sammies like cornmeal-crusted pork tenderloin, and even ridiculousness like "Animal Fries" topped with pork belly, cheese curds, grainy mustard, fried egg, and a Guinness gravy, so: yes, these things are loaded. To ensure you're equally so, there are a staggering (literally!) 60 beers on tap -- more than 30 of which are locals like Brau Bros Hopsession and Summit Saga -- and 40 wines by the glass

And because they love you, there're also handcrafted cocktails like the pink grapefruit vodka/ jalapeno juice "Fire + Ice", and an agave nectar/Avion tequila concoction rimmed with black sea salt, served with a jalapeno boat tequila shot, and named the "Smokin' Presidente", recalling the woman who did just that to Clinton, and the obvious question "shouldn't she be hot?".