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Kingly carbs you won't want to split

With all the big-time boozeries opening in the Henn-Lake area recently, it's probably a very good thing that it's also now getting something to help soak up all their product. Solomon's Bakery, once just a wee artisanal bread shop in the far-away reaches of Northeast, is now an official Uptown storefront -- a plain-spoken cafe with fresh-baked breads, cakes, and pastries they call "artful and inventive", but you'll call "grredfdogdgns" (because your mouth will be full inventive pastries)

Specifically, you'll stuff your head-chasm with spinach or chocolate croissants, bread oddballs like Potato Rosemary, Raisin Anise, or Dark Chocolate and Prune, which, ironically, will make you totally regular. Then get whole cakes or slices of chocolate-on-chocolate and red velvet, donut-like, churro-shaped chocolate twists sprinkled with sugar, raspberry Danishes, and cookies like the proverbial sprinkle-laden sugar

Aiming to be a grab-and-go dining destination, they'll also pour coffee and espresso, and serve a bunch of sammies ranging from spreadables like PB&J or Nutella, to straight deli styles fit for a king...who loves ham and/or turkey.