Beloved cod gets mobile

Often for chefs, food trucks are great gateways to actual restaurants, unless they want to open one in Narnia, in which case an old wardrobe would probably be more effective. For a group of fish-friers who're reversing the process: Anchor Fish & Chips Truck.The wheeled sister to Northeast's battered favorite, Anchor Truck is soft opening Friday behind Grumpy's NE, and slinging a familiar menu from a pirated-out, all-black machine that used to be a FedEx truck, which means unlike food from a former postal truck, your order won't constantly get lost. The deep-fried English treatment is given to massive heaps of fresh Alaskan cod, or you can opt for a from-scratch pastie (w/ ground pork, potato & veggie combined), or even a "battered sausage", which must henceforth be referred to as "a Bobbitt". If you're a super fancy guy you probably shouldn't be eating at a fried fish truck who demands his meals come with "sides", they also dish curry or gravy chips, mushy peas, coleslaw, and Heinz beans, aka what Ward has clearly lost, as evidenced by his stint on Dancing with the Stars.Although they'll be rolling soft for now (just like Hines Ward!), official service will start May 19th-20th during Art-A-Whirl, when they'll be parked behind their original resto, and bolstered by live bands and a well-stocked beer trailer, so expect the only goat around to be you.