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DIY Italian food

Remember back in the day when you used to "suicide" all the sodas at McDonald's, but the end result always ended up tasting like flat Dr. Pepper that made you beg for the real thing? (Suicide, that is -- no one begs for Dr. Pepper). Well, one Minnesotan establishment thinks you've grown up enough to try and make your own taste creation again, so get yourself down to The Twin Cities' first (... or at least first legit) BYO pasta bar, at Fresco's

A brick-cobbled, Old-World slice of the Midtown Global Market, the Italian grocery beckons noodle fetishists with everything from gluten-free linguini, to whole wheat angel hair, to penne, farfalle, rotini, and conchiglie shells, all of which can get coated in house-made sauces that start with either a red or white base and get built into stuff like basil cream, gorgonzola, smoked fennel, spicy red pepper, and the ever-present clam. Then pick veggies, and make up for them with your choice of a meat ranging from Italian sausage to pancetta to shrimp, which isn't technically a meat, but only a real bottom feeder would take offense to it being lumped in there

And because the first thing you'll want to do after stuffing yourself to dangerous levels is buy more food, their shelves are stocked with everything you need to simulate the feast at home: cured meats, style-spanning pastas, artisanal cheeses, oils & vinegars, and "spreads & concentrates" ranging from basil to anchovy paste, the serving of which would only be social suicide.