Bone-in strips and all-you-can-eat sushi

Most bottomless dining options really aren't that good, like the cardboard-y grub at Old Country Buffet, the greasy breadsticks at Olive Garden, or pretty much any of the restaurants in The Sarlacc's pit. Now blissfully slinging you high-end bottomless fish cuts instead: Rare Steak & Sushi.

Recently opened in the Grand Minneapolis, the red-trimmed Rare (chef'd by sushi vet “Chano” Bustamante) now rocks an awesomely exploitable, $30 all-you-can-eat sushi deal, in addition to its premium grass-fed beef, and other high-quality proteins that've been "well-executed", meaning that dude from No Country For Old Men has apparently been busy. The Tuesday-and-Sunday-only feast, which has no time limit beyond its 5-10p duration, lets you devour specialty rolls like the mega-loaded Mojo Roll with tuna, salmon, cream cheese, and unagi, plus nigiri like yellowtail and octopus, and even apps including seaweed salad and potstickers, not to be confused with how you decorated your notebooks upon discovering Phish. Like all good sushi spots, they also serve mouth-watering steaks like the bone-in New York strip (the only one in MPLS), plus a roasted, free-range half chicken brined for 24hrs in sea salt and herbs, and even a burger with cheese in its core, marking the first time that a hamburger and Richard Grieco have shared something in common.

In addition to its spacious sushi bar, Rare's also got an expansive cocktail one, and serves select $20 wine bottles on bottomless sushi nights -- just don't have too much, lest the next morning it be your belly that's learning a new definition of pain and suffering.