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You can now have anything, anytime

Bicycle delivery is just plain sick: sure, it's a thrill for the mom, but can these callous gear-necologists really cut the umbilical cord safely while pedaling at 30mph?! Oh wait, that's not what bicycle delivery is at all? It's just guys who use bicycles to bring to your door literally "anything you need, any time of day"? Well then that just sounds sick in the sense of "awesome", and you should start using just-launched Rock-It Bicycle Delivery immediately.A group of rogue bike couriers described as "the most fearless in the Cities" by one popular e-newsletter, Rock-It -- whose prices start around just $8 a pop -- can easily deliver you "sodas, takeout, bubblegum, burritos, wine, spirits, [and] cigarettes" without breaking a sweat, but what happens when we ask them to deliver live animals, kiddie pools, and... well, more beer? Find out by buckling up and clicking on the vid above!