The streets get raw

Sushi's showing up in the most unlikely of places these days, from grocery store aisles to TMZ photos of Lara Flynn Boyle eating. Now it's even in the street, thanks to the Sushi Fix Food Truck

An all-white truck bought on Craigslist and fixed up by a former Fuji Ya and Yumi's chef, this fishmobile slings "ocean fresh sushi" procured from Tsukiji Market in Japan and/or the Honolulu Fish Co. Their menu's massive for a sushi food truck, packed with standard two-piece nigiri (from salmon to snapper... to other fish beginning with different letters), plus six- and 10-piece maki rolls like the salmon/avocado "Sushicado", the "Mexican" (fish with avocado, cilantro and chili aioli), and the spiced-up "Blazing California". If you're feeling lucky -- and hopefully you are, since you're about to order sushi from the back of a truck -- opt for the "Chirashi Sushi" platter, a chef's choice of fresh fish and veggies on a bed of white rice

Want to be essentially the healthiest man ever? Then grab the fish-laced Sashimi Salad, the octopus-laden Spicy Tako Salad, or the cuttlefish/cucumber Squid Salad. Just don't offer any to Lara -- we're finally getting her to eat something more substantial.

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