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Real Mexican, now where you are

Authentic Mexican food is tough to find in a region that's heavily Scandinavian, and who wants a pulled Björk taco anyway? Making real-deal Mexican just a bit easier to get in Minneapolis: Taqueria La Hacienda Food Truck

After 13yrs slinging tacos from the depths of Lake Street, La Hacienda's just unveiled a truck -- a gleaming beacon of yellow and orange -- that's now hitting the streets in an effort to "bring their flavor to downtown". The tacos: mainly sub-$2 corn tortillas stuffed with cilantro/ onion/ salsa and standard proteins like carnitas, barbacoa, and the house specialty el pastor -- if the one at your church was made from delicious pork, you might actually go occasionally! Because man cannot live on tacos alone, Hacienda's also dishing al pastor, chicken, or carne asada quesadillas, a host of burritos, tortas ranging from ham to carnitas, and alambres: big, melty taco platters with your choice of meat sauteed with bacon, peppers, and onions before being smothered with cheese, or what Louie Anderson calls "a noble death"

Can't stand the presence of others? No worries (well actually, you should be worried, that's a serious social phobia): rent 'em out and they'll come and cater your private taco-party, ensuring all your guests become heavily Scandinavian themselves.