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Tear into some tasty meatstuffs

Published On 01/09/2012 Published On 01/09/2012

Once a family-run Maple Grove meat market, the new Jerky Shoppe's narrowed the focus to crafting dried meats, which it hawks online and from a small Big Lake store, so basically, online. Their Becker plant preps all the meat "start to finish" (meaning they cook, cure, smoke, vacuum-seal, label, and freeze it all in-house), allowing them to avoid normal processed food pitfalls like price padding and "package mishandling", which with jerky, could be dangerous. Get your hands on their:

Beef Jerky: Available in regular, hot, pepper, or teriyaki, it's sold in 3.5oz units, is said to have a higher moisture content than most, and is "cut from the finest hind quarter", not to be confused with the "finest Hines quarter", which definitely took place a few seasons ago.

Turkey Jerky: While the stock flavor is teriyaki, their need for your approval means they'll try to field your requests for others, and it's all mega-low-calorie, made from boneless, skinless turkey breast.

Beef Sticks: Like the guy who invented Fiji Water, these things are described as "moisture rich", and they can be tweaked with heat or garlic.

And, in the event you wanna make your own jerky, the cats also sell their seasoning by the packet to "turn your meat products into a flavorful and low-fat snack", so, in addition to mishandling, you can avoid that other processed food pitfall: love-handling.



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