Food & Drink

Stuff yourself with stuffed goodness

Prepare to start saying "'nada" a lot -- and not just as the coolest way to respond to someone asking "what's up?" -- because Minneapolis is now home to the MidNord Empanada Truck

The brainchild of a Minnesotan who learned the business of food trucking on a sojourn to NYC (and the business of cooking empanadas from an Ecuadoran fam), the off-white truck's got a red, graffiti-style Mpls cityscape rising from its wheel base, and, despite it sounding sort of drug-dealy, is now proud to officially be "stuffing dough on the streets". 'Nadas (see!?) range from the MN-Style Mac & Cheese, to more traditional "Tucuman-style" options like beef with spring onions, pimento, and vinegar, or spicy tuna with red chilies, green olives, and hamita, coincidentally, the one type of eatah MidNord doesn't cater to

And because no empanada entree is complete without an additional empanada for dessert, they're also dishing warm apple pie jobs (basically just honeycrisp apples, sugar, and cinnamon), or there's a side of twice-fried plantains called "tostones", so prepare to start saying nada due to your mouth being full of delicious sweets.